About Us

At Dr Moloi Womens Clinic we specialize in medical termination of pregnancy (Abortion) from the first & second trimester of pregnancy. We also offer services in women reproduction health such as pap-smear, pregnancy care, management (testing, diagnosing & treating) of sexual transmitted infections/diseases (STI/STDs) UTI and HIV, contraceptives(Pills, injection, loops, implants, patches), breast cancer screening, menopause treatment abnormal menstrual pains (Dysmenorrhoea), sexual health.

We also offer male reproductive health services such as treatment of importance (weak erection), early or premature ejaculation(P.E), low lubido(L.L) management and treatment of STI, UTI and medical male circumcision. 

Our Approach

On your first consult, we usually do a fully medical assessment and examination to exclude all the possible risk factors and medical illnesses. this is followed by an ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy duration. Following that, we decide together with the patient, on the best method for the procedure. contact us for more details.

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