Termination of pregnancy (Abortion) implies the removal of a pregnancy without the expectation that the foetus will survive.


Know about “The Choice of Termination of Pregnancy Act” here…http://www.saflii.org/za/legis/num_act/cotopa1996325/


Methods of Termination

The following are the methods of termination which we offer at our facilities:


The Pill Method

This entails the use of a pill to induce the termination of the pregnancy (to abort).

This is followed by manual evacuation of the uterus (womb cleaning/scrubbing)


The Surgical Method (Not the preferred method)

  • Performed under circumstanced, as it would have been assessed by the doctor.


Pain Management:

  • Where applicable, a range of medication, from tablets to injectable medication, is used to manage the pain during each stage of the procedure.


Pre and Post Test Counselling:

Pre and post-test counseling is offered to all patients undergoing the procedure.



The cost of the procedure depends solely on the number of weeks of the pregnancy. Enquire with us for details.

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